2019 summed up by me, a chronic ranter!

So, 2019 is finally over. Lets recap over the shitstorm that happened over the last 365 days. I am a massive fan of Christmas and will always find a way to enjoy myself, even if the country is going/has gone to the dogs like it has these last few years. What with shitty Brexit talks still going on, the UK being total dickheads by voting in a total moron back into 10 Downing Street for another 5 years, hello? Austerity, Homelessness, general rule by the Tory toffs.


You heard me right! 2019 saw the explosion of something called veganism?! Its the cult of idiotic fuck-nuggets that think its perfectly natural to refrain from eating meat, like vegetarians. However, they go further by cutting out eggs, dairy products and all other animal-derived ingredients. Some also cut out any foods that are processed using animal products, such as refined white sugar and some wines. They don't stop there mind. They also stop wearing clothing or using products that have been made using animals. Which leads me onto this point, the new UK £5, £10 and soon to be the £20 pound notes all have materials that come from animals so they are also all skint! Explains why they smell so much. Honestly, it's like walking into a changing room after Judgement Day in the rugby.

You can tell when a person is vegan because they are wearing clothing that comes from hippy camps that make all-natural pot motivated clothes. They also like to point out that they are vegan in any and all situations. To make matters worse, many chains and retailers are trying to accommodate this madness, Greggs released a vegan sausage roll. Im sorry, but if it is a sausage roll then it must have pork/beef in it. No meat? > No Sausage! and don't get me started with other products you can get, like plant-based pulled pork! Is it fucking pork? NO there's not fucking pork in it, so you cannot call it PORK!! If this was any other product being advertised with stuff in it that is not on the label or there is something on the label that is not in the product, then the manufacturer would be prosecuted for false advertising. So why are these fuckers exempt? Non-meat products CANNOT have the same name as its proper meat-filled equivalent. It's not a vegan sausage roll, it's a vegan shit roll. It's not plant-based pulled pork, its plant-based, chemically created non-food pulled-shit!


We still have a complete muppet and his band of elitist scum running this country into the ground. They have fucked up this country over the last decade with crippling austerity measures, abhorrent abuse of the sick and the elderly, misuse of power when it comes to keeping the press independent and fair, repeated attempts to undermind this country parliament and house of lords by trying to push their agenda of a shit exit from the EU without parliamentary scrutiny. They brought in the vile bedroom tax and the icing on the cake was universal credit, the only thing this did "universally" was cripple anyone that received it.

We have had business after business, plead with the Tory scumbags since 2016 to not leave without a deal in place, yet now we have a person in power that is prepared to pull this country our of the EU, where we are the largest net beneficiary of EU funding, without an agreement in place. The reason behind this is that he has his tongue so far up Donald Trump's arse, if there was toothpaste on it, he could clean Trump's teeth. Speaking of Donald Trump, this year saw the beginnings of impeachment proceedings into Donald Trump for:

  • Abuse of power
  • Obstruction of Congress.

However, even though impeach has been successfully brought against him, the senate is republican run and as such, it is highly likely that he will not face any impeachment charges. Below is a diagram of the US impeachment process. This diagram shows that even after a majority has voted in favour of impeachment (basically proving wrongdoing), it still has to go to the Senate. As the Senate is republican run, there is no way they will get the two-thirds vote they need to impeach him and he remains in office!

Other Shit

Over the months of 2019, many smaller things happened, such as several companies going into administration due to financial difficulties, causing hundreds if not thousands of hard-working people to lose their jobs. One, in particular, was Bridgend Ford, a factory that has been at the heart of Bridgend for 40+ years and has produced many of the cars & vans you see on the UK roads today. They kept the news to themselves, whilst ensuring their staff that there were not going to be a closure. The Welsh Assembly Government has ploughed millions of pounds into Bridgend Ford over the years only to be kicked in the teeth over production costs. They have found cheaper labour in other countries and are running to the hills.

The silver lining to this is that Ineos is looking to set up shop there and hopefully plug the employment gap in Bridgend. Aston Martin is also in neighbouring St. Athens for its new range of supercars.

Positive shit in 2019

There is a plus side to 2019, it is mainly sporting, such as Wales winning the Grand Slam in the 6 nations back in February/March. They also got third place in 2019 Rugby World Cup, something that a decade ago was not even thought possible.

So all in all its been a bit of a rollercoaster year in the UK and the rest of the world. Heres to a better 2020!


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Mark Baker

Hello, my name is Mark Baker, Im a miserable git that lives in South Wales, UK. I love moaning about anything and everything. My go to pet moans are cyclists and politics. Im left wing and if you dont like it then dont read my stuff #SIMPLES!

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